Shandong Wenyuan communication technology co., LTD Company focus on research and development in the new generation of mobile communication technology of 4G and Beyond 4G solutions. We are committed to be star of the next generation in mobile communication small cell field. The core members of our team are from Germany and the United States (silicon valley),who have worked many years in the field of wireless communication, with a deep research and development strength. The company not only has a strong r&d team, also has built up a sound talent team, among the developers 60% coming from first-class communication equipment manufactures. We cooperate with the two universities in Europe to carry out 5G technology R&D and reserve of talents.
Company is committed to providing customers with end-to-end LTE and LTE -A software solutions for wireless small cell, which can also supply industry for users with small cell and terminal customized services, accelerating your product listed time , reducing the risk of customer research and development at the greatest degree. Keeping up with the pace of the 3 GPP standard updating, by continuously upgrading, our R&D team will provide real-time sustainability escalated service for you.
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